Support Mental Performance and Vitality
Restore brain function, vitality and mental performance after damage. Usually after a brain has been damaged or injured it begins to experience lower energy, slower processing, and difficulty remembering things. Thankfully there is a supplement that may benefit and support healthy brain function.

Brain Vibrance Supreme Powder by Crayhon Research is a premier dietary supplement designed to support healthy brain function following damage. This special formula may help provide potential support for self-repair in the brain.

What is in a serving of Brain Vibrance?
300mg Elemental PhosphatidylSerine
1200mg Elemental GPC
1500mg Acetyl Carnitine
Magnesium and calcium
Brain Vibrance May Nutritionally Support:
Attention and mental focus
Management of mood, anxiety, and stress response
Memory, learning, comprehension and cognitive functions
Enhanced mental sharpness and endurance
Revitalization of declining mental performance
Pituitary vitality and hormone balance
Brain cell responsiveness to chemical transmitter
Regain and retrain your brain with the help of Brain Vibrance Supreme Powder.

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